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family houses and apartments

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Cleaning of offices and business premises

We will ensure the cleaning of your office, the entire office building and business premises. We also perform cleaning, e.g. after painting, replacement of windows, reconstruction, etc. We can clean you once or even regularly, at intervals and times of the day that will suit you. We will also meet the specific requirements that you will need to meet. We will prepare a price calculation and cleaning plan according to your wishes and requirements. We are fully responsible for the work done.

Cleaning of offices and business premises

Household cleaning Prague and apartment cleaning Prague We provide professional household cleaning and apartment cleaning. Our professional staff will clean your home professionally and with quality. We offer apartment cleaning in Prague and its surroundings.

Regular cleaning of companies:

  • Mopping floors,
  • vacuuming carpets,
  • cleaning of work surfaces and appliances,
  • wiping work tables and chairs,
  • computer monitor and keyboard care,
  • washing and disinfection of bathrooms and toilets, including the addition of toilet paper, soap, disposable towels, etc.,
  • dust cleaning and furniture treatment,
  • polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces,
  • wiping window sills,
  • entrance door – washing and polishing,
  • waste bins – taking out waste, changing bags,
  • washing elevator doors, cab and mirror polishing,
  • washing dishes,
  • watering flowers.

Regularly every few days:

  • Regular cleaning of companies,
  • washing switches and other wall objects (paintings, clocks, etc.),
  • windows – wiping dust from frames and blinds,
  • heaters – vacuuming dust,
  • waste bins – washing out dirt,
  • removing cobwebs and other impurities from walls, ceramics and other tiles, and ceilings,
  • cleaning lights.

One-time cleaning includes:

  • Washing windows, including frames and blinds,
  • wall cleaning,
  • washing of lighting fixtures,
  • washing radiators,
  • washing switches,
  • vacuuming of all floor areas,
  • wiping of all floor surfaces and their subsequent treatment,
  • washing doors and doorframes,
  • dusting of all internal surfaces, subsequent cleaning,
  • dusting of all external surfaces,
  • complete cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms and toilets,
  • floor cleaning of common areas,
  • machine cleaning, carpets, floors, seating furniture and other surfaces,
  • special care for various types of floor coverings (marble, wood …) and many other services.