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References of our clients

Our cleaning company has cleaned countless of your households, offices and apartments during its operation. We strive to develop and improve our service to the greatest possible customer satisfaction. That’s why your reactions help us, which show us the next direction. Thank you for your support and thank you for sending us. We selected a few references from our clients, which particularly pleased us.
I live alone and so I am happy to share all the cleaning work with the cleaning company. I tried the perfect cleaning on the recommendation of acquaintances and I am very satisfied with their services and prices. Thanks to the staff from Perfekt cleaning, I have a clean and tidy home, where I like to return.

Ondrej K.


My husband and I are very busy, so our household is regularly cleaned by Perfekt cleaning. They are professionals who can cope with a big mess in our house, which our children and dogs can cause. We have our household cleaned every week and it’s great to know that we can rely on Perfekt cleaning!

Adéla and Martin


I have been cooperating with Perfekt cleaning for a long time and I would like to thank him for his great service and reliability. They provide cleaning of offices in our company and everything has always been precise, so I also order them for regular cleaning of our apartment. All the cleaning work from Perfekt cleaning is really perfect.

Michal K.


I have to appreciate the work of Perfect Cleaning, because their services make my life easier. I have a hard job and a lot of responsibilities, so I can’t do a proper cleaning myself. Fortunately, Perfekt cleaning is always available and ready to clean our home. Thanks and I recommend!

Milena Z.


For a long time I was looking for some reliable cleaning services in Prague that would help me with house cleaning, and at the same time it was within my financial means. I want to thank everyone from Perfekt cleaning for helping me and always being willing and kind.

Pavlína F.


I leave all cleaning work perfect for cleaning and I only do my job. I hadn’t caught up with anything before and I was in danger of burnout. Now I try to slow down mainly at home and I am very grateful that I can rely on the services of Perfekt cleaning.

Simona L.

With Perfekt cleaning, cleaning the apartment is number one! I praise and recommend.

Milka T.


I have tried more cleaning companies and a cleaning lady, but now I only regularly order cleaning from Perfekt cleaning. I really praise you for a really perfect cleaning of my home, everything just shines with cleanliness.

Mirjam P.

First, I ordered a cleaning of the apartment for Christmas, when I didn’t catch up. And now I call Perfect Cleaning every week. 🙂 I like to pay for this service, I have a lot of time for my grandchildren and the garden. So I’m really grateful for the helpful service and great service!

Lenka P.